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The Excavation of Mushroom Island | Mushroom Island

Add to cart. And when you read The Excavation of Mushroom Island — the newly published book where the results of their research is published, you discover the most surprising thing of them all. On September 13, , Zawacki and his team unearth the first complete skeleton. In July of , they find a square-shaped container made of compact reddish sand, which turns out to contain a large amount of coins. All in all, the science team was able to document over 30 previously unknown types of flora and fauna, before they had to leave the island.

It was their ambition to return, but on August 12, , Izu-Torishima had another volcanic eruption, and the tunnel — which was the only known way to reach the Mushroom Island — was buried under thousands of tons of smoking hot lava. The last spread from a 6-page article about my book, The Excavation of Mushroom Island.

That means that he would have been four years old in , when he supposedly received his first science grant. Something is — as you have of course understood already — not right here. It turns out that it is all made up. The scholarship, the subterranean tunnel, the forgotten island, the whole story.

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Or not all of it. One of these things actually does exist. The book where all this was documented. Zawacki started searching for pictures of real skeletal parts that could be used to illustrate the fossilized remains of the Mario characters. After creating the images of the fossils, Zawacki fixed them to the paper through a printing technique that was considered out-dated already in — all in order to give the reader a feeling of flipping through an old book on anatomy. The result feels so authentic, it is difficult not to be convinced that both goombas and chain chomps really existed, once upon a time.

But the book also lets us know that they do not exist anymore — an insight which leaves the reader unexpectedly discouraged.

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The Mushroom Kingdom is one of the places where time stands still. Peach, Luigi and Mario can never age and die — they can only play their roles over and over in a drama that is repeated in infinite, timeless cycles. But The Excavation of Mushroom Island sees that world in the rear-view mirror. It has been destroyed.

All its inhabitants are dead. Page 20 shows the skeleton of the Princess. Zawacki reports that an examination of the body revealed that she had a large tumor in her left breast. On page 49, we learn that a Homo Sapiens male dressed in a green cap with an L-shaped character had been trapped in a pipe and had starved to death. Page 55 reveals the discovery of a human head, which had been separated from the rest of the body by a falling block in the Donut Caverns.

In The Excavation of Mushroom Island , archaeologist Logan Zawacki and his team uncover the greatest archaeological discovery of the century and document their entire experience. This book comes complete with a detailed chronology of the cultures that inhabited the islands between the Arcadic Period and the Early Snesolithic Period, as well as detailed maps of the landscape and site locations of each marvelous find. There are over 30 documented fossils to view within this page softcover book. Each fossil comes complete with a map of their locations, scientific names, dimensions, and informative comments provided by the lead researcher, Logan Zawacki.

Only copies of this book will be printed, and each copy comes signed and numbered. Online , GoNintendo. In celebration of St. Just enter the promo code below at checkout and your book will be in your hands in about a week.

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Be sure to use the appropriate currency, based on your location. I recently did an interview with the talented Shea Slemmer and the entire article is posted on JaxUnderbelly. Check out this interview at Jax Underbelly. Filed under Art. Here is the complete article in English for your enjoyment. The first spread from a 6-page article about my book, The Excavation of Mushroom Island.

Izu-Torishima is a small island, about five square kilometers, located some kilometers south of Tokyo, in the middle of the Philippine Sea. In reality, it is the top of an active underwater volcano, which has had two eruptions during the 20th century.

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The second time this occurred, in , no one was harmed, fortunately. Sadly, this was because the entire population of the island had been wiped out in , which was the time of the first eruption. Needless to say, it is extremely dangerous to venture into the crater of this volcano. Still, this is exactly what Logan Zawacki does, shortly after arriving at the island. He descends into the volcano in order to study the brooding ground of the red albatross, but instead, he finds something completely different. He gets lost in the darkness of the narrow crater, and ends up in a winding subterranean tunnel, sloping downwards.

He walks in the pitch black for a long, long time — and when he finally sees light again, he realizes that he has ended up in a completely different place. On a forgotten island, somewhere in the vicinity of Izu-Torishima. On the island, Zawacki finds traces of an ancient culture, previously unfamiliar to him. Skeletal remains from animals unlike anything he has seen before.

Coupon code for mushroom science
Coupon code for mushroom science
Coupon code for mushroom science
Coupon code for mushroom science
Coupon code for mushroom science

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