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What about four kids and all of their gear in a Pilot? Can I fit a set of skis in the back of the CR-V? Have you ever taken a Clarity Hybrid on a road trip?

What Is A Friendly Demo Vehicle?

The actual number of Friendly demos we have varies from month to month, but they won't all be Civics or all Odysseys. We generally choose a couple vehicles from each model line for that particular model year, since we want to be able to answer questions customers may have for every new Honda model. This will vary depending on the demo vehicle.

How to score a bargain without getting blindsided.

Some vehicles see a few more test drives than others, some have been driven for a longer period of time, etc. However, the most number of miles we allow a Friendly Demo to accumulate is 6, And the mileage on these vehicles does affect Honda's standard new vehicle warranties.

New Vehicle Demo Deals

The demo's final mileage will be deducted from the factory warranties, and the demo will be covered for the remaining balance of miles. For example, if a demo has been driven 5, miles at the time you buy or lease it, your warranties would be for 30, miles on the Limited Warranty and 54, miles on the Powertrain Limited Warranty. It may sound complicated, but don't worry.

When you sign the final paperwork, we will inform you what precisely how many miles your warranty coverage will be for. At this point, you might be wondering to yourself, "If it affects my warranty, why would a Friendly demo be the way to go instead of buying a lightly used vehicle?

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Friendly demo vehicles are offered at a lower price than other new vehicles to make up for the additional mileage. The amount discounted is relative to the price of the vehicle and the number of miles it was driven, but it can range anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars off the retail price of the same vehicle brand new.

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If your goal is to negotiate the best price, then a Friendly demo is a great choice because they're priced lower than other new vehicles. We have the full service and detail history of the vehicle, which is not always available for every used vehicle.

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Friendly demos are cars that we drive and interact with on a daily basis - if we rely on them to help sell cars, you can bet that we put every effort in to make sure that they're taken care of very well. Read More: 5 Tips for Buying a Car in What Is a Demo Vehicle? More From Palmen. How to Boost Your Car's Value.

Should You Buy a Demo Car?

Why are ex-demo cars sold? Is an ex-demo car a good deal?

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