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Well wouldn't you know Offers. It was much better than the one he had gotten. Things happen for a reason. I got a great deal using Offers. Menstrual Cups are an alternative menstrual product that is typically reusable. They are worn internally to collect the menstrual flow instead of absorbing it and holds a greater capacity than an average disposable pad or tampon. Most can be worn safely for up to 12 hours depending on the amount of the menstrual flow. How to use a Menstrual Cup? Like everything else in life, it may take some time and practice to learn how to use a menstrual cup correctly.

Knowing what to expect and having some tips and tricks under your belt before you begin can make a huge difference in your experience. How to Choose a Menstrual Cup?

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Choosing your first menstrual cup can be a daunting task with so many choices available on the market these days. First of all, with menstrual cups becoming more and more popular, an influx of them are being manufactured. However, not all are of the same quality. One cup will NOT fit all. We are all different and so are cups.

Locating and measuring your cervix is one of the easiest ways to eliminate many cups that might not be comfortable or easy to work with your body. Cups come in all sorts of various shapes and sizes and while one might fit someone perfectly, it might feel uncomfortably long or be hard to reach for the next.

You may also want to think about how light or heavy your flow is so that you can select a cup with a capacity to match. Even some shorter cups that are comfortable for a low cervix, have variations that allow for a higher capacity.


Save $5.00 on DivaCup® at Rite Aid with New Coupon

Cup Comparison. You will also find some important information about the cup such as the material that it is made of, measurements, sizes, and some notes about that particular cup. Filtering or sorting examples:. Menstrual Cup FAQs. In this section, you will find a plethora of common questions that are asked by both new and experienced users. Is it messy to use a menstrual cup? Can I trim the stem?

  • $5 off DivaCup Diva Cup coupon exp 9/30.
  • Frequently Asked Questions.
  • Save $ on DivaCup® at Rite Aid with New Coupon - FTM.
  • Do I have to boil my cup? Can I still use a cup if I have long nails?

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    How long will a menstrual cup last? In that case, the Menstrual Cup Review Forums might be the place for you. Browse other questions that have been asked or submit a new one. Whether you use your name or submit your question anonymously, the admin or other Menstrual Cup Review members might be able to review and address your question personally. Additional Products.

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    Organic Cotton Tampons. Organic Cotton Pads. Facebook Twitter Pinterest Comments Reply elie simth October 4, at am I have a medium to low cervix and have heavy periods. Please Suggest??

    Free Menstrual Cups Set - BOTH SIZES / PKG

    My name is Tilda and I am from Sweden. I have great ideas for menstrual cup and I am so exited and I have create a menstrual cup. I have named it Tilda because its a nice name. I have also made on for Germany. Thanks so much for the response! The small looks like it might be a good option and I am able to have this one shipped here, do you think this might be a better choice for me?

    Cancel my previous suggestions as I thought you might be from New Zealand from one of the cups that you named. The Diva Cups are all the same size — 56 mm without the stem. Except for a handful, almost any other small size cup in another brand is going to be shorter than that.

    Saalt small is 45 mm without the stem, and the large is 52 mm without the stem. Even the larger Saalt Cup is shorter than an average large size cup.

    $5 off DivaCup Diva Cup coupon exp 9/30

    Both might be comfortable for you to wear. With the stems intact they are 70 mm in length and they can be trimmed easily if you still feel the same irritation. Since you have a light flow the capacity might be fine with the small Saalt, but I worry that it will ride up and sit higher around your cervix. This might allow the cervix to sit deeper inside of the cup and compromise the 25 ml capacity. I measure today on my period and have a medium-high cervix almost to the 3rd knuckle. Normally my periods are not very heavy- they last about 3 days and I really only use regular tampons, and a super tampon during the second night.

    I would be really interested in a cup that could be used during sex, but would also be ok buying a cup and some Flex cups as well my sister uses and swears by them. Hi Lillie! They may allow you to use the cup for the full 12 hours since your periods are on the lighter side. Most cup companies suggest against using their menstrual cup while having penetrative intercourse, but many people have had success using and doing both at the same time.

    With Nixit soon to be launched. Flex Fits and SoftCups are one-time use, disposable items. The rest are reusable. I have not had consistent luck with all of them except for one which I only use before bed. Anyhow, below are a few medium firm cups that I think might be comfortable and still easy to reach.

    Shop the Saalt Cup

    I choose cups that were on the narrow side. In no particular order. Diva Cup Model 1 — This is their middle size as they have a model 0, 1, and 2. It has a decent length and a short stem that can be trimmed if needed.

    Casco Cup small — This cup can be found by other names depending on your location. This cup is very similar in shape to the Diva Cup but is a little longer in the body. The stem is short and can be trimmed if needed. Most of these cups are a tad softer than the Diva Cup and for those who have a sensitive bladder, I often suggest these as an alternative when they like the shape and size of the Diva Cup but find it too firm. The rim is on the meatier side which may help this cup to open easy even though the body is softer.

    The stem on this cup is short but sturdy and easy to grip and hold.

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